Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 10
Today was a beautiful day, the type we imagined when we booked this apartment.  W eboarded the bus across the street and went to the Rothchild villa just outside of St-Jean Cap-Ferrat.  It is very opulent,and the gardens are amazing.  We spent over 2 hours there.  There's an audio guide for the interior, with more information than you need, but gives you a lot about this extravagant woman.  Luckily, it wasn't very crowded.  She cleared off a hill to have flat grounds for the gardens, then had all the soil brought in.  It sits at a point where one has views of 2 bays.  There were numerous yachts and I'll post 2 pictures that together show the bay full of yachts.  You really don't rate as a yacht unless you have a water slide from the top to the sea!
We then continued to town and found an outdoor place for a late lunch.  Three young Russians were sitting next to us, I felt they might be crew for one of the yachts, as people who own yachts don't lunch where we lunch. The bus ride is wonderful, as it hugs the coast and you see amazing views.  And to boot, the bus is only 1 euro each way!

Chairs for her pets!  She even had a wedding with hundreds of guests for one of her dog's wedding, with a gold and diamond band on the dog's paw.  These people had too much time and money!

If your yacht doesn't have a slide, you are so deprived!

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