Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9, Monday
A long walk (over 1 hour)  this morning in areas with lovely apartments with lots of flowers, including huge oleanders and bougainvilleas in full bloom.  Lunch at home from what I bought in the market yesterday.  We then visited the old castle site, which has great views of the Nice coast.
Jim was off to try to swim, but the pool was just too crowded.  Try again another day.
Our starter at dinner was a Nice specialty:  a variety of vegetables filled with ground veal and baked.  Then we had veal scallopini, mine was in a delicious creamy dijon sauce, Jim's was sauteed.
Nice port, with yachts and Corsica ferry

Excavations of early Roman church at Castle Hill, Naples

Nice beaches, view from Castle hill
Jim's kind of vacation:  small events. (After all, I promoted this as a "vacation", not a "trip"). But tomorrow we have an outing that is worth while, two unique mansions and gardens near Beaulieu sur-mer.  Guarantee that I'll have great pictures there!

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