Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 22 Final Day

So I close our blog with a favorite thing on vacations--food.  We've been in France for 16 nights, but I feel we have had one foot in Italy most of the trip.  It seems there are more Italian restaurants than French restaurants in Nice, perhaps because the border is so near. Sunday nights are not easy for food lovers, as most restaurants are closed for dinner.  But one of Jim's favorites is open every day, so it was a fitting finish.
On our first visit to this establishment, we laughed with the couple next to us about the gargantuan portions, there are non larger anywhere.  Yet the food is indeed delicious. You can see that each platter could serve 2 or 3 easily, yet Jim pointed out we attacked as we were locust and left only a small portion of each dish.
La Favola, Nice

And a final note on our travels to Dallas.  We fly to Heathrow, which estimates an additional 250,000 passengers above their usual will arrive in London tomorrow for the Olympics.  Security at the airport is extremely tight, and we may spend the day standing in line for immigration.  The trip planner who investigates all contingencies didn't see that one coming.  Luckily, the Heathrow to Dallas flight is the next morning.

For years we talked of renting an apartment or house somewhere and spending time making day trips.  One couldn't pick a better place to do so than the Cote d'Azur.  Yes, Nice is a bit noisy, but a perfect base for seeing all these beautiful towns by the sea or in the hills. And the weather--fabulous isn't a big enough word for it.

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  1. I greatly enjoyed your report. I am hoping to visit Nice from San Antonio late spring 2016.