Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 17 Vence

A half day excursion to Vence, primarily to see the Matisse Chapel, which we was closed when we were driving around here 20 years ago, but were fired up to see it  after visiting the Matisse museum nearby.  It's simple and beautiful, and no pictures allowed.  It's an hour bus ride up the hills, and on the way back we passed by St. Paul de Vence, but Jim begged me not to stop there as well.
We passed the area of the Renoir museum, but a sign says it's under restoration.  I remember going to this years ago, a house filled with family and visiting artists who were friends of his.  Would have loved to see it again.
Yes, another hilltop town, but with much of its original city wall.  Jim is sitting at the table next to the 2 women.
The city wall can be seen in the background

Vence, taken as we walked to the Matisse Chapel

Lavender, after all we are in southern France

The town of St Paul de Vence, as seen from our bus

Alan and Usha, our English friends from the world cruise, visiting Nice for a few days.

The animated owner of Oliviera, a wonderful and tiny restaurant,with our friend Usha

Oliviera is primarily an olive oil shop, the kitchen is the tiny space where the 2 women are working

The War Memorial carved out of Castle Hill, near Nice's port

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