Friday, July 13, 2012

July 13
Maybe we are meant to have a little home adventure every day or so.  Today the water was off during the morning, and there was a note at the front door of the building that may or may not say it's off all day.  So I took a picture of the note and the side of the plumber's truck with his telephone number and walked to the leasing office a few blocks down.  She told them you-know-what for not going door to door warning the tenants, and we got our water back.
In wandering around town we went to a bakery with delicious little puffs,  We said "good afternoon", but still had trouble getting waited on, seemed like the girls take turns and both thought the other should wait on us.  It's the only place we've encountered anything but the friendliest service.  Still, the little sweet puffs were dreamy, and we'll be back.
 Tonight we had dinner by the port.  We had planned on outside seating, but it was windy, so here are some photos from the interior after the shots of the how the really rich vacation.
We peons are walking to a restaurant, these people are being served dinner on  their yachts

The sauce man.  He prepares endless sautee pans of sauces, then finishes the dishes brought from the kitchen

Hello--it's a restaurant!!! Odd sculpture, don't you think?

I'd say this is the luckiets Siamese cat you'll ever see--he has a  yacht!

this endless crowd of cars is lined up for the Sardinia 10:00 pm ferry 

The incoming ferry is facing some tough winds.  But look at the two colors of the sea!

We are at the same level as those people you see, and we are getting sea spray on our glasses.

Winds and cooler weather don't prevent picnic parties at 9 pm

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