Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 10:  Oliviera is the best meal to date
A small olive oil shop added 4 tables, then a few more.  Behind the large containers of olive oils from the region (all really do taste differently), is a tiny hallway of a kitchen with the owner's wife and one assistant.  The owner is the front of the house, a most personable man.  The menu of 5-6 starters and 5-6 main dishes is based on what is freshest at the market (she shops where we all shop,the open market).  A man was delivering heirloom tomatoes from his farm during dinner, and they were gorgeous.
This starter was unique:  the zuchinni flower was raw and filled with finely chopped vegetables, served with an awesome array of tomatoes, and of course drizzled with just the right oil.  Everything we had was delicious, but this dish merited a picture. Drinking rose, the region's special wine, which is light and perfect for a summer meal.

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