Saturday, July 14, 2012

July 14  Happy Bastille Day
We went to the Beaux Arts Museum this afternoon.  Not many buses run on a holiday, and a small crowd of us stood with our mouths open as the long-awaited bus flew past us without stopping!  We went to another bus line and had better luck.  Nice little museum, hardly anyone there.  After living inside the busy town, with all its scooters and people noise, we couldn't believe the quiet up in the hills, wow!
This evening we ate at home.  I sauteed chicken and won't do that again!  Too much clean up.  But the veggies and salad all were so fresh.
At 10:00 pm there were fireworks at the largest avenue, the Promenade d"Anglais.  I think every single person in Nice went to the fireworks show.  But to my surprise, people gave each other space, clapped and sang, and then were extremely orderly, no shoving, pushing, running, etc when we all left.  All side streets leading to the Promenade were closed to traffic, as well as the Promenade.  The fireworks were shot from the water, so all those who were in their boats got a real show as well.  When it came time, all the street lights on the Promenade were turned off for the show.  It was a fun experience.
When we returned to our building, the main large wooden door at the street was closed, as we had been told happens late at night.  Werepeatedly used our code, but couldn't get it to open.  I figured a neighbor had to be at the fireworks and would soon show up, and sure enough here they came.  He said the code never works, just kick the door and it swings open!  Once inside, there is another glass door with another code, which we use all the time, even during the day.
Daytime shot of the Promenade.  The beach, the walkway by the palms and the avenue were filled with people for Bastille Fireworks

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