Thursday, July 19, 2012

July 19 Antibes Maybe my favorite

What a great half day in Antibes!  Depending on the train, it can take 17 to 23 minutes to arrive from Nice.  I think it's the prettiest old town we've visited.  We've seen many yachts on this trip, but spotting one with a helicopter on deck was fantastic.  
Lunch was a great salad with walnuts, rocquefort, olives, tomatoes, greens,and lardons, though we asked that they omit the fried egg on top that was also on the menu.  The owner was as entertaining and charming as the owner of Oliviera in Nice.
The markets are awesome--3 going on in one day.  We saw some of the antique market, and then went to the food one and I go weak at the knees--such lovely foods!  The third looked like household goods, so we avoided it.
Even our English friends commented yesterday that everyone seems to sit outside somewhere to eat and drink all day and night.  It's the same in each beach town.  Last night we took the short bus ride to the port, to an Italian seafood place we've visited before, then we walk along the dock to look into yachts with their lights on, then the walk along the sea for the rest of the walk home.  I hope that when we walk by Old Nice's Palace of Justice there will be salsa dancing on the square again, as there was 2 nights ago.  Fun to stay and watch dancers of all ages.
Funny thing:  we walked on a lane where there were employment offices for yacht crews and companies that supply everything you want stocked on your yacht.  So I thought the want ad posted was fun, was taking a picture, and a nice woman came out and asked if she could help, then asked if I wanted to apply for the job. As we walked on, I pointed out I am a super cleaner, and could spend the month of August onboard.  Jim suggested I stay until I get Medicare.  I still bought him a return train ticket to Nice.

Largest yacht in Antibes port today, can you spot the helicopter?

Previously a Grimaldi Palace, it was lent to Picasso for his studio.  Now it's a great museum

Tapenade, dried tomatoes and tons of olives

View from Picasso Museum towards sculpture

The water is so clear, I can see the rocks from 2 stories above

One of the want ads, I think this is the job I should aspire to get

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