Saturday, July 21, 2012

July 21: final day trip is to Mougins

Thursday night we went to Hotel Aston around the corner and had drinks and buffet of tapas. Drink and 14 dishes of great food for 13 euros is an unheard bargain, and at a great bar, we made dinner of it.  Nice soft piano music, hardly anyone there, and a view of the city in the setting sun.
Friday we went to Cap Ferrat again for lunch, then met our London friends for our best dinner to date.  It was a lovely, traditional French bistro with delicious food.
We saved one of the best outings for last.  Jim gets a gold star for enduring a long day.  We took the tram to the station, train to Cannes, bus to new Mougins and walked an official 1.1 miles( Jim would argue it was 2, I'm sure) uphill to the old city of Mougins.  Luckily we were passing very upscale French country homes with beautful flowers and great views.  Mougin is written up as a culinary theme park, with an astonishing number of high-class restaurants crammed into the gorgeous medieval center--and no crowds.  The little streets spiral upward, with many artist studios, galleries, and the restaurants.  We stopped at the very first one, and after later reading many more menu boards, feel we did very well.
A beautiful esplanade last year, now it's under huge renovation.  View from top of hotel  Aston

Old Nice from Hotel Aston, bus area is where we take most buses.  Tram runs along the tree lane that crosses.

Fresh artichoke salad--amazing

Bistro d'Antoine

View as we arrived at old Mougins

Half of the wine cellar located in a cave, part of restaurant where we had lunch.
It was a total surprise, since it had a small terrace for tables and I was sent into the cave
to look for the washroom.

Window shopping, the only kind of shopping we've done

Does it get more French than this?  The lavender was almost  bloomed out.

Tile map of Mougins, all streets spiral towards the top

Waiting for the bus to Cannes I looked into this market and saw the best of fruits and vegetables I had seen in the entire trip.  Too late to fill a bag to eat in the apartment.

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